Friday, September 3, 2010

When Is Enough Enough?

I never thought I would actually find myself saying this, but I just read a vampire book with too much sex. Oi vei. Yes, this is me, not some alien taking over my body. Or a sexy vamp using mind control on my. Lmfao.

While I truly enjoy having sex in any and practically every vampire book that I read, I do enjoy some action mixed in with it too. I NEED BOTH!!!!!

I want a mixture with what I read. The saying will always remain tried and true to me, "Enough is enough, and too much stinks."

When I read, I want my books to contain these basic groups, blood, sex and gore, and yes it must be paranormal. Maybe even Sci-fi. But it CANNOT be your basic run of the mill regular humans. I need drama, suspense, romance, a heroine/hero who are NOT dingbats.

But the book I most recently read had mainly JUST sex, with a couple of fight scenes thrown in. I didn't even really get a chance to fall in love with the characters. Maybe lust after them, but that's all. Great sex scenes as they were, even a vampire needs to come up for "air".

The book in which I speak is One Bite with a Stranger by Christine Warren. I did enjoy her writing for the most part, but COME ON. When u have me of all ppl saying there was too much sex, trust me, that's saying something.

I am now weary of reading the rest of the series. And I hate to read only one book in a series. Plus, on the cover it states that it is the first in the series. Well it isn't!!!!! I hate that too. Isn't that some sort of false advertising? Lol.

Anyway, just needed to vent a lil.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Love, sex, happiness? To cheat or not to cheat is the question.

As much as I enjoy sex. Love it, crave it, fantacise about it, read and write about it. I have found that I can definitely live without it. Don't WANT to, but, when the alternative would be to cheat on the one man who has finally been able to unthaw my ice-cold heart, I can do without it.

People always try to say the reason they cheat on their wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend, or life partner is that, "I wasn't being satisfied at home." My thoughts on that are quite simple, then leave that person, if your not happy with them. Or tell that person what it is you feel that your lacking.

But what do you do when your significant other is lying in a hospital bed? When he/she is not in the hospital they are in so much pain that they are doubled over?

Well, that is the situation that I find myself in now. Funny, huh? Every book I read has to have at least 1 great sex scene for me to even be remotely happy with it. But I now find myself having gone damn near a whole month without any. Yes, I have been tempted. Yes, I have had various offers. And, yes, I have turned them all down.

The craziest part? I haven't even known him all that long. Sometimes you just know, you know? He's a Cancer to my Sagitarious, Water to my Fire.

So would I risk losing him by cheating, no. For a few moments of pleasure, maybe even a few hours? No. Not worth it if you ask me.

So if you feel the earth rock, or see some sparks in the sky, don't be alarmed. Its only an indication that he is finally better and has relieved me of all of this built up sexual energy that I have inside of me right now. LMFAO. Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later.