Friday, August 28, 2009

Witch Wars (rough-draft)


I never thought my life could get any more complicated than it already was. I was so wrong.

Growing up I was always taught to hate and loathe vampires, but to never fear them. For they could feed off of fear as well as your blood. As the heir to the thrown of the Underlayes witches, I have done nothing more than learn how to wield my powers and learn how to fight. Underlayes lies is another dimension. It is where the witches, vampires, fae and all other mystical creatures have called home for the last 300 years. Since we could no longer live among the humans in peace. It is probably the only thing all of the mythical creatures have done together without trying to kill each other. But I guess fear of being burned, staked, shot with silver bullets or iron for some, will kind of get you motivated. My mother used to tell me so many stories about how it used to be when I was little. About how beautiful it used to be. How everything and everyone was in perfect harmony."Oh Tialanna, my sweet," she would always say, "there were big rivers for the mermaids, the water sprites and the water dragons to swim freely and without having to hide. Large forest for the shifters to roam free. And oh honey, our castle was so beautiful then......"Yada, yada, yada. Blah, blah, blah.Now its all about who has the most power. Who can create the better glamour to fool the humans when traveling in the other world. (A world that I have yet to see since its soooo dangerous.) Who is stronger than who.All my life has been about is learning how to protect my people, especially from vampires. Something my father was very adamant about."We were so busy being happy about being away from the humans. We let our guards down around those damn vampires, believing when they were content with the few humans they went through portals to get." my father with his deep Barry White voice would say,

"Thought we could befriend them, we were so very wrong. And so many of our friends and family members paid the price with their lives."I never got to do anything like the other witches.

Everything was about my responsibilities to my people. So while all the other teenage witches were shopping for dresses for the witches ball. I was out shopping for a new sword and a portable crystal ball. There was a never a need for dating (not that I had time for dating anyway) since it had already been ordained that I must marry Bran Lione. A warlock from the only other family with magic as strong as ours. We have met maybe once or twice. He is handsome enough, 6 feet tall, tan skin, brown curly short hair, brown eyes, slight muscles, square jaw, full lips, a mustache. In the looks department he is any girls dream, if you go for the geeky type, but I don't know him. Unfortunately for me, according to my parents that doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is keeping our bloodlines strong. I am due to marry when I turn twenty five on all Hollow’s Eve (which is in two months), when our powers are at their strongest. I am to become one with a complete stranger that I know absolutely nothing about.


“I am fire, I am light.” As I say the words flames start boiling in my veins, “Fill my body, flow through my mind. Let my flame become my guide.”

I was sitting cross legged in my practice room. Wearing my work out gear, red sweat pants and sports bra. My caramel skin sweating, my scarlet red hair flowing down my back to my waist in fuzzy waves. I needed some time alone to think about everything. So I came down here to call on my flames of guidance, which is something like a camp fire, only I don’t need the logs or matches.

Fire is my element to call. Watching my flames I can sometimes catch glimpses of the future.

Today, I was trying to catch a glimpse of my own future; of course I got nothing.

I was merely five when my Father had taught me the incantation. See, Dad was so proud I was such a natural with fire. Though he wasn’t exactly happy he was about to have to teach me about the birds and bees at such an early age.

And that was exactly what my first glimpse was. Not only did I see Mommy’s belly get fat. I also saw her stretched out on a bed with blood gushing out and a huge head full of curly bluish hair, my sister Elisa. Who still has a big head.

“What the hell are you doing down here?” Called an irritating deep voice behind me, pulling me back to the here and now.

I let my flame die out. It was none other than my best friend and hotshot werewolf, Grim Parkston; Grim is about six foot seven, built somewhere between a pro wrestler and a body builder. Dark chocolate brown skin, hazel eyes, dark brown dreadlocks coming down to his waist, sexy and knows it. Prancing in here with nothing but a pair of jeans, showing off every bit of his sweaty muscular chest. Making this decision that much more difficult.

“Trying, unsuccessfully, to be alone!” I ranted at him. “What do you want?”

“I want an answer.”

“I am so sick of all this shit!” I shouted as I through a fireball to the wall (good thing this room is fireproof), “What are you doing down here?”

“Its Friday.”

Damn, I forgot. Or should I say I was trying to forget. Fridays Grim always sneaks me out to the human world. We go to a bar, play some pool. Go to a movie to see what the human world thinks of us. Just do something normal, well, as normal for a witch and a werewolf can be anyway. But this Friday he planned on sneaking me away for more than just one night, something that was never going to happen.

“I wont be going anywhere tonight. I have a date.”
Grim turned red and started sprouting fur on the back of his hands, eyes turning pitch black,

“With who?”

“My fiancĂ©.” How I hate using that word, “You knew this was coming. Just sooner than we both thought. If I see one fucking claw I will set your ass on fire.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“You really wanna test that theory? Try me.”

I started bouncing a fireball in my hand. He finally shut his eyes and calmed himself, at least physically. His energy was still vibrating like tuning fork.

“Just because you know something’s coming does not mean you have to like it. You think I want some bastard putting his hands on you? I….” he hesitated then said through clenched teeth. “I don’t like it.”

“Its not for you to like or to not like. You think I like it? You know damn well how I feel about it.”

“Why don’t you enlighten me. ‘Cause I’m afraid I have no idea how you feel.”

“How can you stand there and say that to me! You and I both have always known I have been promised to him since the day I was born. I never had a choice in this. Love has never been an option for me. It’s not about what I want or how I feel or how anyone else may or may not fell about me.

“There has only been one man in my entire life who has ever cared to know the real me. Who has ever displayed and care about my hopes and dreams. There is only one man who has ever looked at me and seen just plan Tia not ‘all powerful Princess Tialanna’. There is only one man who has ever looked at me and seen more than just a weapon.”

“Tia, please don’t cry-” he took a step closer to me.

“NO!!” I could feel my eyes turning golden, then to a blazing red. I feel fire threatening to burst from my every limb, but I had no idea I was crying. I hadn’t cried in years. “You claim to not know how I feel. Well I am telling you. So just shut the hell up and listen!

“I love you, Grim, I have always loved you. But we both have always known you and I were never a possibility. So why are you doing this to me now? WHY?

“I can’t be with you no matter how much my body may ache for your tough. No matter how much my heart is ripping up inside of me to have walk away from you. No matter how empty it makes my soul feel. I have to do this. You know as well as I.”

“We can leave this world and be together. All we need is each other. As long as I you, I don’t give a damn about anything else. I lo-”

“No, don’t say it. I can’t bare to hear those words from you lips right now. Not when I know what I have to do. I can’t just abandon my people, and my Father would kill you. That is the one thing I will never be able to live with. Even if I can’t have you in my life, I would rather that than be the reason your life is taken away.”

He started walking closer. I started backing away. By this time I was so frustrated my hands were literally on fire and tears felt like there were burning my skin.

Everything he was saying was true. He was taking how I felt and slapping me in the face with it.
I’ve been looking for signs of this impending battle for years and still nothing. But if I did leave, what then. I can’t take that chance.

Whether this battle comes or not, my Father would kill Grim. I couldn’t live with that.

He kept coming closer. I lifted up my blazing hands and he stopped.

“Tia I love you. I have loved you since before you could even light a match. I thought I could just be a friend to you and that would be enough. I thought that any part of your life would be better than nothing. I was wrong.”

“Grim, stop. I want you so bad it hurts. But I can’t have you. I can’t do this.”


“No I can’t. My father would hunt us down and kill you. We would never be in peace, constantly looking over our shoulders for the rest of our lives.”

“Fuck your father!”

“I love you, Grim. But I can’t do this. I won’t do this. I won’t -”

He came to me so fast I didn’t even realize I had backed up all the way to the wall, he had my arms pinned above my head, and he was kissing me. His lips on mine with so much force it was almost painful, yet gentle at the same time. My body felt like it was melting on the inside. If felt like time had frozen. There was nothing but us and our passion for each other. Nothing else mattered.

I didn’t even realize my flames were out until he let his hands slide down my arms and he was cupping my breasts, there was nothing between us but the material of my sports bra. As his hands slid down lower to my stomach, my hands slid down to his flawless muscular chest slick with sweat. He started pulling at my pants. Then with what little self control I had left, I pushed him and broke our kiss.

We both just stood there, panting, staring into each others eyes. As if we were looking into each others souls. His eyes black pools of a deep endless night. Mine a flaming red of a wildfire.

“Please, don’t do this”, I said when I finally found my voice.

“Don’t what?” his voice came out in a snarl, “Love you?”

“Yes. No. Just stop!”, I shouted in his face, barely able to think, to breathe, “Tonight is the beginning of my courtship with Bran. We have stop.” Even though stopping is the last thing I want.

“You think Bran can make you feel like this?”, he damn near growled as he grabbed the back of my head, gripping my hair rubbing his face in the curve of my neck. He inhaled deeply, sending chills down my spine. “I can smell your lust, your desire for me. ME not him!”

“It doesn’t matter.” I replied weakly.

“Yes the hell it does. I am not giving up that easily, Tia. If this is the last chance I have with you,
I am taking full advantage. I will make it so that every time you look at him, you will wish it was me.” he said between clenched teeth, “ Every time he beds, you it will be my face you’ll see.”

“Grim please…..”

And then he was kissing me. Harder and faster than before. His tongue exploring every inch of my mouth. Our tongues twisting together like a wild exotic dance. My body felt like it was on fire and so did his. Then we were sliding down to the floor to our knees. He gently laid me on my back never breaking our kiss. Slowly, oh so slowly, he broke our lingering kiss. He was on top of me, hands on the floor like he was doing a push up. His eyes black as pitch, I could see my blazing eyes reflected in those dark pools.

Still balancing on one arm and looking into my eyes, he was sliding his other hand down my body pulling off my pants. Very slowly he slid his hand up the inside of my thighs, spreading them apart. His hand crept up my inner thigh until his hand found that spot that let him know just how hot and I was for him. Then he was kissing and licking his wan down my neck while flicking his thumb clit. Making my body shudder against his. When he found my breast and took as much of it into his mouth as he could, he drove two fingers inside me. He then released my breast and kissed his way down to my naval, licking delicately down toward more sensitive regions.

Suddenly, just when I thought I was about to explode with pleasure, his fingers were replaced with his tongue, going deeper inside me than I thought possible, and he was drinking me like I was the finest wine.

Somewhere in all of that, he must have taken off his pants. Because, suddenly, he was once again hovering over me, with our gazes locked, he thrust every inch of himself inside of me. (And trust me, there were a lot of inches.) Leaving me gasping for air.

“If you want me to stop, tell me now and I will.” he snarled, pulling out slowly, making a small sound escape from my lips, until only the tip of him was left inside of me. “If I am only allowed this one time. Allow me at least this much to keep with me. Allow me to have every piece of you, if only once.” He gave another deep powerful thrust, making me cry out. “Allow me to give you every inch of myself for just one time. Even if you do go on with this foolish plan, he will only have your body. I will always own your heart.”

He kissed me again, then said, “I swear, you will regret leaving me.”

CHAPTER 2 (Incomplete

After Grimm left, I could barely force myself to move. How could I let the one I ever loved walk away from me. And not only just out of the door, but quite possibly out of my life. The only time

I ever even feel whole is when I am with him.

Everything he said to me was the stone cold truth. Of course I will regret leaving him. How could
I not? He makes me feel complete, whole. He fills me, consumes me, with more heat than any
fire ever could. When I’m not with him, its like a part of me is missing. But for some reason - I don’t know - it just felt like he meant something more to it. Maybe I am just overanalyzing things. But his words had the weight, the heat, of a threat behind it.

I don’t have time to think about any of that right now. Right now I have to get out of this self-wallowing mode and focus on the task at hand. Which is to prepare myself to begin a courtship with me betrothed, Bran Leone.

I have nothing against Bran personally, how the hell could I, I don’t even really know him.

For all I know we both may be in the same predicament. This betrothal was set in place before either of us had even been born. Nothing but another power move. The two of us are nothing more than two pawns in a game that neither of us signed on for. He might have someone that he loves whom he has to give up, how would I know. But truth be told, I could honestly care less about how he feels right now. I have my own shredded heart to worry about.

All of this because of some great battle. What if Grim is right and there never is a battle? What if
I just let him walk out of my life for nothing?

It was foretold in the Book of Knowledge, “There will be a child bestowed upon the Royal Family of the Underlayes Witches with hair the color of flames, fierce firelight in her eyes. She will possess fire, strength, speed and unimaginable powers. She will be born on the night of great magic, all Hollow’s Eve. On the twenty first night of her birth, she will come into her full powers. She will be the determining factor in a great battle that will change all magical creatures forever. With the help of a strong warrior by her side……”

That is all I know of it.

So that is why I am betrothed to Bran. He comes from the only family whose powers are almost as great as our own. So my father believes he must be the one.

If you ask me, which of course no one ever does, Bran doesn’t even fit into the category of strong warriors.

Granted, I have only met him once. But the first impression I got from him was he is nothing more than a pencil necked geek. From the looks of him any of my sparring partners would break his ass in half.

Don’t get me wrong. He is very a attractive in a pretty boy type of way. But what good will looks do you in a fight. What is he gonna do, bat his eyelashes at enemies and bring them to their knees. Give me a break.

Hell, for all I know, maybe he could.

Nothing seems to make sense to me any more.

Like my father’s utter loathing of vampires. If you ask me its nothing more than an unprecedented prejudice, just as racism in the human realm. Hating someone no good reason other than the simple fact that they are different from you is the dumbest thing to me. That’s exactly humans did to us all those centuries ago. Can’t he see that?

Okay so they drink blood - a true yuck factor - but so what. We use some of our own blood to evoke certain spells. Hell, his own sister used to use sacrifices for some her spells. Apparently, from what I hear anyway, they can live to be old as dirt. But again, so what, we have a life span of up to five hundred years.

“Ugh, all of this is so frustrating!”

Oh, wassa matter suga?, Chrissy whispered in my mind.

I was so busy thinking I didn’t even notice her big black furry ass prancing in here. No I am not being politically incorrect. She is a big black were-panther whom for as long as I have known her has refused to take her human form. So when I say whisper in my mind, that is literally what she does. She communicates with me telepathically (and only me, aren’t I lucky - not).

“Oh, I don’t know, my whole life is fucking falling apart.”

Your life is really gonna fall apart if you don’t get to your room and clean up all that sex up off of ya. Ya smell like a damn brothel.

“Good, maybe if I go on this date smelling like a damn sex factory they will call this whole damn wedding off.”
Honey, you know nothing short of your death is gonna call this weddin’ off.
“You know what, right about now that sound like such a bad option.”
Don’t you dare put words out in the universe like that. Your life is not that bad.
“Look, Miss I Refuse To Walk On Two Legs Ever Again, I know you do not have the audacity to stand there and give me a lecture on giving up on life. Isn’t that what you’ve been doing for the whole of my natural life. We have for as long as I can remember, and I still don’t know what in the hell you look like, minus fur. Let’s be for real, shall we?”
She hissed at me, That’s different.
“Like hell its different,” I snapped at her, needed to let my frustration out somehow. And right now she was the perfect outlet. “Or are you forgetting the similarities in my little situation with your own. You know, the reason you refuse to be nothing more than an animal."

( Chapter 2 is not finished yet)


“So where are we going?”, I asked Bran, trying, but failing miserably, to seem excited.

“It’s a surprise.” He replied nervously.

He had told me when asked how I should dress for the occasion, that anything I wanted to wear would be fine. So when I tried to be my normal bitchy self and throw on my workout gear, my sister, Elisa, flashed into my room.

“You are soooo not wearing that!”

“And just why the hell not? And what did I tell you about flashing your ass in to my room?!”

She just stood there staring at me with a grimace that looked so wrong on her sweet petite chocolate brown face. With her midnight blue hair pulled back in a ponytail, arms crossed around her little chest.

“He said I could wear whatever I wanted to, and this is what I want to wear.”

“He didn’t say to dress like you’re going for a walk up the hills. Here wear this.” She said snapping her little skinny fingers dressing me in a micro mini red leather skirt and midriff leather top to match, showing all my abs and damn near all of my breasts.

“Oh to the hell no. We might as well skip the date and go straight to having sex.”

“Tia, you are marrying this guy so why not?” she chuckled, snapping her fingers again, this to put me in a black leather halter mini dress with holes on the sides, with a V neck all the down to my naval.

I just stared at her.

“Fine, you are no fun at all,” she said behind a little squeally laugh, snapping her fingers yet again.

“This I can do.”

So when Bran arrived I had on a pair of tight red leather pants, slits on both legs coming up to my knees. Red stiletto sandals with straps coming up my legs. A sheer long sleeved blouse, with a V neck all the way down to my waist band. With a red sequenced bra.

“Are you ready?” He asked, still looking nervous like some human boy in high school going on his first date.

Don’t get me wrong, he did look very nice. With a black linen suit. Blue silk dress shirt with a black tie. But he just looked so damned straight and narrow. No excitement. Just ….


“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

He held out his hands for me to take. Which meant only one thing.

“We’re flashing there?”

“Well yeah, I mean, if that’s okay with you. It would be the easiest was to get there,” he stammered, “I will get us there safely, I mean, in one piece, all limbs in tact.”

Oh yeah, that really makes me feel so much better, not. I just let out a long heavy sigh and took his hands. Guess if I have to marry the little turd, I might as well start trusting him. I just do not like depending on someone else flashing me anywhere. Especially when I don’t even know where that anywhere is.

So I just closed my eyes and prayed.

The wind picked up around us. One minute we were standing in my gardens, the next we were standing in front of….


* * * * * * * *

Erotica…hum. The name pretty much says it all. It is a place where all the true freaks come out at night. A place where everyone in the Underlayes can come together and just be themselves without any worries of some sort of power struggle. Though I have heard of it. I have never been.

From what I’ve heard it is some sort of mix between a carnival and a night club. With real sideshows, not like the ones in the human realm. Kissing booths with two headed exotic women.

Extortionists with eight limbed creatures. Dragon shifters shooting flames from their mouths in their human forms. Werelions, weretigers, werebears, oh my, having shifting contests. Truly a site to see.

All I could say was, “Wow.” For the first time tonight I didn’t have to fake my enthusiasm.

“ I was hoping you would like it, I mean, I hope its not too much,” he stammered, “I wanted our fist time together, I mean, our first night together, our date, our first date together, to be something special.”

“Bran, this is amazing. I have always wanted to come here.” What else could I say it was true, even though he was talking like a friggin imbecile, he did pick the perfect spot.



“Good, good, that’s good.”

He unsteadily reached his hand out for me to hold as we walked through the gates. But when I cringed how clammy his palm was, he noticed, and immediately withdrew his hand wiping them on his pants.

“Sorry, I am just nervous. Wow, I am doing everything all wrong aren’t I?”

“Bran, its okay really.” I tried to take his hand again, but he just backed away from me.

“I’m sorry, I really am. I know you really don’t want to be here with me, and that’s okay really. I mean am a total goof,” he raked his hands through his hair, “Ima just go to the little witches room, you’ll be okay for a minute won’t you? Yeah, you will. I promise I’ll come back a brand new man.”

And just like that he was gone.

“Men”, I muttered. I just shook my head and kept on walking, “Oh well might as well enjoy myself.”

Both full moons were out and shining beautifully. The magic filled night air smelled wonderfully intoxicating. I inhaled it deeply.

I walked past a Witchdoctor’s booth who was juggling three shrunken heads that were still screaming. Stopped at the Dragonshifters booth, gathered fire in my palm and blew a fiery kiss at one who caught my eye. He was very tall, maybe 6’7, heavily tanned, curly short brown hair, glistening muscular chest. He caught the kissed and placed a sizzling hand to his chest. Then blew fire in the sky to make a heart with an arrow going through it.

As I kept walking, I had a chill run up my spine, and an eerie feeling I can’t explain in the pit of my stomach, felt as though was staring a whole in the back of my head. I turned around and found myself in front of the vamp booth......


Where the hell am I?

My felt like it was just full of cotton. I kept shaking my head trying to wake myself up. But even
that was just too much effort. It felt like friggin workout just to lift my eyelids partially open.

Everything was a haze to me just then. I could barely remember what happened.

My arms above my head chained to a wall. Its so cold in here there is no way I can summon any fire whatsoever.

This cold is completely draining me. I have never felt so helpless. My eyelids are getting so heavy. I just want to sleep. No. I can't sleep I have to think of some way out of this.

But what? It is so dark in here. I have to focus on something.

I look over to my right. Is someone else chained in here with me? I can't focus on what or who it could be. I can barely see or even breathe. I have

I began having the same dream I always had as a young witchling. Whenever I was feeling alone or afraid, or just plain pissed off about something or at someone. My guardian angel, or so I always thought of him, a gorgeous pale man with slick black hair, mesmerizing dark chocolate brown eyes, high cheeks bones, the softest most delicate features, yet utterly masculine all in the same. It was never one of those romantic dreams, but more like a comfort dream. He was always there when I felt I had no one else to turn to. Sometimes we wouldn't even talk, we would just be in a park and he would push on a swing. Or just hold me on his lap and sing to me with a soothing - almost hypnotic-like - voice, while playing in my hair.

But it had been years since I had had those dreams.

In this dream I was wearing a long silk blood red dress. It came down to my ankles, sleeveless with a V neckline. My red hair falling down my back to my waste. He came to me and pulled me
into a long fierce embrace.

"Oh my beautiful, Tialanna, look at how much you have grown." he said with a eerily seductive voice, "You are truly a woman now are you not? I almost cannot believe my eyes. I have missed so much of your life. So many things I should have told you long ago. How many regrets I do have. Well, I am not just here merely on a social call my sweet. We have things to discuss."

"Ok...This is nothing more than a dream, yet you are talking like a father seeing his long lost child." I started to laugh at that, until I saw the intense glare he was giving me. "Hey, that was meant to be a joke. And seeing how this is my dream, whether the joke was actually funny of not, you are pretty much guaranteed to laugh."

He took a step closer to me and I felt an instant chill crawl up my spine. "This is more than just a mere dream, child. They all have been more than just dreams. What you just said is more true than you could possibly begin to fathom."

"Well then, since this isn't a dream is some kind of nightmare?"

"No, child." he said shaking his head.

"If this is not a dream and not a nightmare, then what the hell is it, 'cause I am so not in the mood to play 20 questions."

This is starting to get really weird. What in the blazing hells is he talking about. Of course this is a dream. Or maybe it is a nightmare - cause I would never be caught dead in a dress like this.

"Please, child, what I need to tell you is important. I wanted to do this differently. This is not easy for me. Though it must be even more difficult to you. How can I even begin to explain when you continue to believe this is nothing more than a dream? I told that damned Grim he needed to bring you to me so that this could be done properly. Then we possibly could have averted all of this."

Alright, is he talking to me or to himself. And Grim...

"What the hell does Grim have to do with anything? You know, I liked you a whole lot better in my childhood dreams when you pushed me on a swing."

"Child please. We are running out of time-"

"Will you stop calling me child, when we look to be damn near the same age. What kind of dream is this? And how could Grim bring me to y-"

Before I could get another word out he was right in front of me. And his eyes....

"This is not how I wanted to do this, but you leave me no choice. Hear my words and know that they are true."

I couldn't move or speak. Just stare into his eyes and listen to him.

"I call you child because you are my child. All of the nights you dreamt of me were more than just mere dreams. It was the only way for to look in on you coming up. The only way to be close to you without upsetting your mother. And as for how old I look, well I am well over a thousand years old. None of that matters right now. What matters is this."

My grandmother, what big teeth you have. I thought as he showed me his fangs.

"You will not come into your full powers until sunset on the eve of you birth. Your enemies are counting on just that. And by full power I do not mean mere witch powers, my child, but your birth right as one of my line. There is no time to fully explain. When this is done, the man you have believed to be you father will no longer except you, please know I take no pleasure in that.
Also know that will always have a home with me should to choose to. If you except me, I will tell all you wish to know"

I kept trying to snap out this, to pull myself free. All the while, trying desperately not to believe
what he was telling me, though every fiber of my body knew he was indeed speaking the truth.

But how could any of this be real?!

I was taught to believe vampires were evil incarnate. Nothing more than vicious unfeeling monsters. Even if what he said was true, why would he give a damn about me?

"Please stop trying to deny what I am telling you when you know it to be true. And care a great deal about you, more than you know."

Great, was heading my mind too?

"Oh my darling child, I wish we had more time. But there is none. You must be strong right now.

If what I am about to do costs me any chance of having your ability to possibly love and accept me, so be it. I would rather you hate me, than to just sit back and allow you to die."

Finally, I could at least wiggle my fingers.

"You must drink from me. With your vampire blood and witch blood running through your veins, a drink from me should awake some of your vampire abilities. And help you to win this fight.
Grim should be on his way as we speak, to help you."

He sliced the artery in his neck with his fingernail, no, correction, claw.

I could almost move my arm.

Then he grabbed my head, putting my mouth to his bleeding neck. I couldn't stop myself.

The first couple of drops tasted salty to my tongue, then it started to taste...good. I can't even begin to describe the taste. It was wet and hot and...with every drop I just wanted more.

"That's right, child, drink."

I sucked deeper and deeper. I couldn't stop. It was like I getting a taste of something I had been missing my whole life. Just when his wound began to close, I felt my canines elongate and sink into his neck. How the hell did that happen!

I could move my arm again. But instead of pushing him away - the way my brain kept telling me to - I reached up to grip his hair and pull him closer to me.

I should be feeling disgusted right now.

Instead this felt, right.

His blood was flowing down my throat, with each swallow I pulled from him seemed to fill me.

And no, I don’t mean just my stomach. It seemed to be going my limbs. Strengthening me. It was sliding down so easily; so naturally, so…..

No, this isn't right. I am not a vampire. This is just some sick fucked up dream.

Isn't it?

"ENOUGH" he said

Slowly I pulled away from him.

"I only hope this will be all you need."

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my chest. I looked down and saw blood.

I woke up still chained to the wall. I heard howling and fighting outside the room. I looked down to see a dagger sticking out of my chest and one of my captors right in front of me. I looked up at him with my eyes blazing red.

"You missed my heart you sick son of a bitch!" I said as ripped the chains right out of the wall, I willed the dagger out my chest into my hand and went for his throat.

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